A Scrub’s First Time With Pokémon

When it comes to Pokémon, I am a scrub. My familiarity with the series amounts to little more than “I think Digimon has the better cartoon and monster designs,” and a few hours with Fire Red half a dozen years ago. But when I recently acquired a New 3DS XL, my first Nintendo handheld, I decided to try last year’s … » 4/30/15 12:17pm 4/30/15 12:17pm

What's The Best Shiny Pokémon You've Captured?

Some people play Pokémon for years without ever encountering any special color variations of their favorite pocket monsters. But for those of you that have been lucky enough to find a shiny in Pokémon, what did you encounter? And were you able to catch it? » 4/09/15 7:00pm 4/09/15 7:00pm